5Top Trends in 2018

2018 with it`s fast rhythm has changed a lot of our thinking towards the whole design industry landscape and also Medy Navani, CEO of Design Haus Medy has also declared the same during his interview with Design Middle East Magazine and here`s a quick recap for what he believes about 2018 trends 

1- wallpaper is making a comback

wallpaper is making a comback. Bright and patterns are in. We are using wallpaper more than ever before, and not just limiting it to the four walls either. NO longer reserved for just a feature wall, we use wallpaper to express our individuality and personality whether that`s through clashing wallpeper or long-scale patterns and murals

2-sinks with drama are right on trend

sinks with drama are right on trend, concrete, stone, copper or granite to be in fashion in 2018. today`s sinks are clever, functional works of art. an example would be the vessel sink which breaks the traditional rules of choosing bathroom fixtures that are all in the colour family and made from the same material

3-warm neutrals are in 

warm neutrals are in . in 2018 we will see the application of greys with rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-black, delicious red and burnt yellow. the nordic " hygge " style will continue to be a focu, this is a simple homely look that focuses on earth shades and natural materials such as linen, wool, wood or and stone 

4-white kitchen accessories and marble are out

white kitchen accessories and marble are out and earth toned shades, stonework and concrete accents are in, concrete has always been a popular material choice for homemakers

5-colour is king!

colour is king! bright, bold, saturated and strong colors will be used in 2018 instead of pastels, expect to see lashing of canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuchsia pink, these strong tones also tap into a trend inspired electro digital colors, intense, high-octane colors that come at us in playful advertising and over wifi waves